Title: I Work at the Cemetery (#IWATC)


Forgiving the mistakes, learning to love and stop being afraid of life – it is rather difficult to cope with at the cemetery, but it is quite possible.Even though it sometimes seems that the cemetery is not outside, but inside of you.


Sasha - a man of about 35 – manager of a firm that installs tombstones at the cemetery. He has a lot of customers, each of whom experiences a personal tragedy. However, Sasha is full of cynicism and irony. One day his 14-year-old daughter appears to return her father into her life. Sasha also meets a young business lady who has just buried her son and a lonely old man who has ordered a tombstone for himself. Sasha becomes involved in the struggle for power between the “eminence grise” of the cemetery and the new manager. And in this whirl of personal tragedies and criminal clashes, it gradually becomes clear that Sasha has a severe psychological trauma because

of what happened in his past.

Genre: drama

Category: feature film

Runtime: 100 min

Script: based on the book I Work at the Cemetery

Language: Ukrainian

Shooting location: Ukraine

Director: Oleksii Taranenko

Author: Pavlo Belianskii

Producers: Andrii Kornienko, Artem Koliubaiev, Maksim Leshchanka

Country: Ukraine

Production stage: development

Budget: €800 000 

Production: Good Morning Film (Ukraine) Mainstream Pictures (Ukraine) Stewopol (Poland)

Co-financed: Ukrainian Cultured Foundation 


Release: autumn, 2020

 Drama, Action | 1 h 45 min 
Director: Alex Shaparev
Scriptwriter:  Abyzov, Galushko
Daughter, of the owner of corporation for the extraction of African diamonds, Stanis Malina, Erica was kidnapped by someone unknown. He keeps her in an unfinished skyscraper just in front of her fathers office. The kidnapper defined the price of freedom of Erica – 7 560 000 euros. Stanis wants to find his daughter, and decided to hire a famous private detective Albert Bure, but he did this not by himself, his assistant and lover Ilona Winter, do it. At the same time, the chief of Stanis Security, Kareem, attract to investigation of Erica’s abduction, the deputy Superintendent of Police – Martes, who in love with Erica. Bure thought, that the ransom could be a key to some old and complicated story and Erica is just a victim of showdown. Mysterious thief Max, manipulating the consciousness of Erica and became her ally on the way of justice and freedom. Erica understood that her father is very dangerous criminal (felon), she finds out that he keeps her mother imprisoned and all the diamonds of her father stained with the blood of innocent victims. Erica makes her choice, but is this choice right, could she trust Maks? And when the gun will be in her hands, who will appear in her rear sight… 


Janitor and Woodpecker  
 Animated series | 12 x 6 min 
Director: Alex Shaparev